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Possible benefits of Moringa:


·Helps fight diabetes.

·Lowers cholesterol. 

·Provides antioxidants.

·Reduces inflammation.

·Improves digestion.  

·Nourishes the skin.

·Helps stabilize mood. 

·Balances hormones.

Moringa contains twice as much protein as yogurt, four times of vitamin A than carrots, three times of potassium than bananas, four times of calcium than cow's milk, seven times of vitamin C than oranges

  • Product Information

    -Bottle with 90 capsules of 400 mg.

    -Oral route of administration, Consume with water, do not chew.

    -Dose: recommended in packaging.

  • returns and refund

    It does not apply, the consumption of this product is the responsibility of whoever ingests it.

  • shipping policy

    We handle home delivery with guaranteed parcel services.

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